365 Challenge Day 222 – Issues

28 Jan

Okay, I am having issues.  As I wrote about the last couple of days, I’m really inspired to eat vegan again and to drink more green juices and smoothies.  BUT…

I wrote a while back about how I’ve been having issues with my skin.  Actually I had two issues.  One was a rash I had around my mouth for many months, this I was able to clear up completely by eliminating gluten from my diet.  But the other issue, which was trickier to diagnose, was a kind of overall reddish complexion on my face.  It would kind of come and go, but was very persistent, and my chin, cheeks and forehead would look very red and inflamed.

Over the last few months I’ve had various theories about what this could be, some internal (such as coffee) and some external (hot yoga, or dry skin) but I think I may have finally figured it out.  And it is very frustrating!!

I think I have developed a histamine sensitivity.  Histamine is produced in the body as a response to allergies, but apparently there are foods that actually contain histamine or cause the body to release histamine.

The thing that’s frustrating is that even though the list of foods containing histamine is fairly short, just about everything I eat is on that list!!!

Most fruits are okay, except: strawberries and bananas

Most vegetables are okay, except: spinach

SO, when I was making my daily green smoothie with strawberries, bananas and spinach, I was basically drinking a HISTAMINE smoothie!!!  WTF??

Also on the list of foods to avoid are SOY, NUTS, and other BEANS.  Jeesh!!!  How the heck am I supposed to be vegan if I have to avoid beans and nuts???  Some seem to be okay though.  I’ll probably have to figure it out through trial and error.

Vinegars and citrus should be avoided…  I can really feel an instant reaction after having vinegar.

Oh, and one more of my favorite foods that’s on the list: avocados (waahhh, that’s me crying.)

I’m just figuring this out, but I need to go on a low-histamine diet and see if it helps.



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