365 Challenge Day 221 – Vegucated

28 Jan

While I was snowed in yesterday I watched two documentaries, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2, and Vegucated.

I really enjoyed Vegucated.  It was filmed in a humorous and light way, but touched on some very serious subjects.  It was well planned out with some surprising results.

The woman who directed it was a young New Yorker who accidentally found herself becoming a crazy vegan when she learned of the horrible treatment of animals in factory farming, and the terrible impact meat eating is having on our environment and planet.  She recruits three meat lovers who are willing to try being vegan for 6 weeks, who were interested in having more energy, losing weight, and being healthier.  With all three it seemed like there was no way they would stick with it.

The movie focused mostly on educating them, they met with doctors and got their blood work done, they learned how to cook yummy vegan food (one them hated beans and vegetables, so she was having a hard time!) They watched footage on how animals are treated in factory farms (which made them cry) and at the end of that movie they were all saying, “I’m never eating meat again”.  They visited farms.  They went to the Veg Fest.

They all lost a little weight, but their cholesterol and blood pressure went way down.  They all said they would try to stick with it when the movie was over.

It was a good reminder of how even eating fish is detrimental (they kill so many other fish and other creatures in the process of fishing.)

I didn’t learn much from the movie, but it was very inspiring to see how people would change their ways so quickly and easily if they just knew the truth.


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