365 Challenge Day 219 – Black, Red, Black

26 Jan

This post is part of my “Not Buying It” three month challenge, three months without shopping, inspired by Judith Levine’s book.

Well, after almost a month of really being careful about how I spend my money, I am happy to say I put almost all my remaining money towards my credit card, and for a minute there brought the balance down to zero!!!  This is the first time in a few years that I will start the year off being “in the black”, meaning no debt.  The exciting thing is I can do something fun with my tax refund, instead of using it to pay off my credit card.

All sounds good, BUT…  I’m planning a vacation with my kids in April, and I realized there is no way I can wait to make those arrangements, air fare goes up, and hotels get booked.  So, this weekend I bought three tickets to Costa Rica!!!  Woo hoo!!  The kids are SO EXCITED.  We haven’t taken a vacation together in many years, well, except a few long weekends in Canada.  There will be snorkling, horseback riding, surfing, ziplining, and for me, lots of yoga : )  As you may have figured out, this purchase went right on my credit card.  Back in the RED already!!!

But, the good news is, I should be getting my tax refund in a couple of weeks, and I will pay it right off.  So, even though this is exactly the opposite of “not buying it”, I feel happy with the decision.  I mean, really, what is the point of saving all this money if it’s not to do something fun and amazing with the savings?!?!


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