365 Challenge Day 216 – Yoga: Inner Thighs

23 Jan

In all the years I’ve done yoga, I never really understood what the teachers were talking about when they would say “hug into your inner thighs”, or rotate your inner thighs in towards each other, and that type of action.  I could kind of understand it theory, but couldn’t feel it in my body.  I also didn’t really try, I just dismissed the instruction because I didn’t really get it and found it a little frustrating.

Well, so much has changed!!

During one yoga class while we were in Prasarita Forward Bend, the teacher said to imagine we were standing on ice, and had to squeeze in to prevent slipping outwards.  Wow! That made so much sense!!  I could feel it!  Squeezing in.

Another thing, is in our yoga teacher training we were given the assignment to try all the possible modifications.  So I started doing Utkatasana while squeezing a block between my inner thighs.  Okay! What a difference!!  I could really feel how squeezing in the inner thighs, which was much easier to do with the block, took the pressure off my lower back in that pose.

I have also used the block between my thighs in Utkatasana Twist, Camel, and while doing sit-ups.  Once I gained access to this feeling I have found it easier to do even without the block.

So far I think bringing attention to this area activates the legs, activates the bandhas, and takes pressure off the lower back.  Stay tuned as I figure out more!


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