365 Challenge Day 214 – Yoga: Legs

23 Jan

My yoga teachers, both in the yoga teacher training and in the classes, have been putting a lot of emphasis on using the strength of the legs, which are some of the strongest, weight baring bones and muscles in the body.

At first, this made no sense to me.  I mean, of course I use my leg muscles in yoga, but not the way they were talking about them.  Then, one day, when I was in Flipped Dog, and my teacher said to feel the weight in my legs instead of in my back, Boom, there it was.  Even though I was in a back bend, and had one hand on the ground, I could just feel that my weight was in my legs, mostly in my quadriceps.  When it was time to come out of the pose I just stood up out of the back bend!!  I had never tried this before, but I wasn’t nervous because I felt like I was already halfway there!  I had seen people do this before and always thought it would kill my back.  But now I can feel the weight is not in my back at all, it’s all in the legs.  And that is the whole point of my teachers’ emphasis.  Getting the weight out of the back and into legs.

Another time when it really clicked was while I was in dolphin plank.  When I am in this pose I try to squeeze into my core, but sometimes I feel it in my back.  One time I squeezed my leg muscles, and I could just feel the weight coming out of my lower back.  It was amazing!


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