365 Challenge Day 211 – Yoga Teacher Training

22 Jan

This was a long, long, very long day of teacher training.  We started with a 7am class.  (I’m not a morning person, so this was a pretty big deal for me.)  As is always my problem with the morning classes I was running a little bit late.  I woke up 75 minutes before the class, and only live about 5 minutes away, but I must have sat and drank my coffee for about 40 minutes, because somehow the time flew and I walked in just as we were about to start.  I squeezed my mat in between two people in the front row.  I think the normal 7am yogis must have been thinking, What the heck?  Where did all these extra people come from?!

Our teacher did a “bare bones” yoga class.  He taught the same sequence we are learning, and didn’t add a lot of extra instruction.  It was nice to see how what we’ve been learning can be applied.

Then we went to a hotel space we rented for the day.  We did a lot of practice.  Our other teacher who is really into the physiology and anatomy of it would have us repeat a movement over and over for 20 minutes to get into our muscles and bones how she wanted us to feel it.  We also learned the rest of the sequence!!!  The whole thing!!  This is everything we need to know for a 90 minute class!!   Well, not everything, we haven’t touched on many important aspects, you know, like breathing…  or explaining the poses in any detail.  Okay, we still have a ways to go!




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