365 Challenge Day 210 – Teacher Training

22 Jan

This is our third weekend of teacher training out of eight.  So exciting!!

I’m a little stressed because of all I have to do this weekend, but it will be fine.   There is a lot of planning involved to make sure everything is all set for multiple yoga classes and many hours of teacher training.  Just simple things like making sure I have a thermos ready so I bring coffee to drink in between the 7am class and the 9am class we’ll be taking, can make or brake my weekend!

I actually missed the yoga class portion of the evening tonight, because my son had a saxophone performance at the same time.  I definitely made the right choice to go to that instead, and my teachers were fine with it.

It’s been more than a month since our last training weekend and it feels like forever.  Well, it was last year!!  I practiced the sequence a lot because I was terrified that I’d have to get up in front of everyone and lead the group.  But apparently I was the only one that had that fear because many of the trainees didn’t learn the sequence.  And even the teacher said he didn’t expect us to have it all yet and kept the cheat sheets up on the wall.

We picked a partner and took turns going through the sequence,  which we are about 2/3 through, and it was pretty fun : )


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