365 Challenge Day 208 – Creativity

9 Jan

** January through March, 2015 I am doing a 3 month “Not Buying It” challenge for myself, inspired by Judith Levine’s book, Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping.**

I have often said that all my creative energies go into figuring out what to feed my children.  It can be true!  They are as fussy as most kids their ages and I am often coordinating three different menus for every meal.

Well, add to that my Not Buying It challenge, and I’ve really got to get creative.  I never really associated creativity and money, but as I’m looking at things now, they really are related.  Even in the above example if money wasn’t an issue I’d just order three different types of take-out and be done with it!

It’s been fun to come up with recipes using as many ingredients as I can that I already have in the house.  In addition to cooking, I’m trying to come up with other creative ways to fill any “need” I think I have without buying something new.  This is a habit that came very naturally to me when I was younger, but I seem to have completely forgotten!!

I have managed to kill two of my new plants in the past month, so sad 😦  but instead of immediately replacing them with more new plants (which I would normally do), I’m thinking up some other solutions.  I trimmed one of my survivor plants, a rhododendron that I’ve had since the 90s, and put the ends in water to start a new plant.  I’m also thinking about making some paper flowers with tissue paper and pipe cleaners which I probably have already.  I’m not much of a DIYer these days, but I think it’s a good experiment to try : )




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