365 Challenge Day 207 – Flexibility

9 Jan

** January through March, 2015 I am doing a 3 month “Not Buying It” challenge for myself, inspired by Judith Levine’s book, Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping.**


This blog is mostly about yoga, but I’m not talking about physical flexibility today, I’m talking about mental flexibility.  In my Not Buying It challenge, I’m navigating when to stick to it and be tough, and when to be flexible and just dish out the cash.  Today I had a couple of tests.

Since I don’t have a book deal about this, I get to set my own rules, and break them when I want.  My daughter has a physics project due and has to build a mousetrap car.  For her first model, I didn’t buy anything.  We looked around the house and found materials that would work.  She used old CDs for wheels, we found some twine, duct tape, etc.  Well, it didn’t really work.  With the deadline and panic approaching, I decided to take the poor girl shopping.  We chose a new design.  We tried to find materials around the house, a bamboo skewer, an old toy car we could steal the wheels off of, but we needed more.  As it turns out, popping the wheels off of toy cars is no easy task.  Those things are designed NOT to break so they won’t become a hazard.  We went to six different stores!  And we bought three different toy cars!!  Gulp.  We finally succeeded with one of the cars, and as luck would have it, managed not to destroy the other two so I can return them.  I’m normally really bad about returning stuff, but this month I’m going to be good!!  The dance of joy my daughter did at 10pm when her car finally worked, was worth every penny.

I passed another test today.  I’ve been wanting to buy some mason jars to store my steel cut oats so I can prepare the whole week’s worth ahead of time.  At lunch today I was about to recycle a jar from the hearts of palms I put in my salad, and then suddenly realized, hey, this will work just fine!  Then while at Michael’s looking for mousetrap car supplies what did I see?  Mason jars on sale for half off.  Ninety nine cents each.  Oh man I was so tempted.  It seemed like a really good price.  But I resisted.  I had already found a solution that was free!!  Plus I don’t really know what a good price would be.  Plus, it’s not exactly an emergency necessity.  Even if I decide to buy some, it can wait until April.



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