365 Challenge Day 206 – Use it up!

8 Jan

** January through March, 2015 I am doing a 3 month “Not Buying It” challenge for myself, inspired by Judith Levine’s book, Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping.**

I’ve decided that I don’t mind having a bit of a stock pile of food and household items on hand.  It’s nice to to see the cabinets full, to have food on hand in a pinch, and to have extra rolls of toilet paper and paper towels at the ready.  But what I do mind is having a stock pile that just gets added to and never gets used up!

I am very proud of my cooking today!!  I made a delicious mushroom risotto, and a delicious celery potato soup, and didn’t buy one single ingredient!!  Both vegan.  I had risotto rice which I bought about two years ago, and I almost threw it away recently but decided to use it.  I had a bag of frozen cooked assorted mushrooms from TJs that I had purchased without having any idea what I would do with it.  I added olive oil, sauteed onions, vegetable stock, white wine (another ingredient sitting in my fridge untouched for more than a year), and vegan margarine.  It turned out SO GOOD!  The celery and potatoes in my fridge had been there a while, again, purchased without any specific purpose in mind, always a dangerous move!  The soup was simple, but really good.  And the best part is I have enough for several meals, in fact, I kind of wish I had made more to freeze.  Oh well.



I woke up this morning and it was -2 degrees Fahrenheit, or about -18 Celsius!  It’s a good day for soup!!


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