365 Challenge Day 204 – Running

5 Jan

Not sure why, but I really couldn’t sleep last night.  It might just be that my body is still off from New Year’s Eve when I stayed up until 3:00ish am.  I’ve been up late and then sleeping in a bit every since.  I really thought I’d sleep well last night after having such an active day!!  But no, I ended up taking a half dose of Benadryl at around 1:30, and slept until 10:30.  Meaning, another day without going to yoga!  It felt so weird.

I met a friend for lunch, and bought (yes, BOUGHT) some falafel.  I’m not sure if eating out should be allowed or not during my three months of “not buying it”, but I did want to see my friend, and that’s what we agreed to do, and it was only $7…  I am definitely going to try to keep eating out to a minimum during these months.  But I also am not willing to completely sacrifice my social life.  So there it is, I’ve just decided what the rule should be.  I can eat out or buy coffee at a cafe if it is for social reasons, but not just out of laziness or lack of planning.

I missed the gym which closes early on Sundays, and so I did something I haven’t done in a while, I went for a run!  I don’t usually go at night, but I live right on a main road that’s well lit and has lots of traffic so it feels safe.  I wouldn’t go on a bike path at night, too remote.  I ran at a leisurely pace for a full 30 minutes!  In the rain!  Kind of badass, huh? It felt great! And I did some good stretching afterward.

Tomorrow the kids and I have all agreed we will go to the gym!!!  (along with all other members who have made the New Year’s Resolution?)

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