365 Challenge Day 202 – Not Buying It

2 Jan

or buying it, as the case may be…

** inspired by Judith Levine’s book Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping

This is crazy, only day #2 of three months without shopping, and I’m already ready to cheat.  My kids have both asked for one of those expensive fitness bands that are so popular right now.  They cost more than $100 so I hadn’t really planned on getting one.  But, well, I did some research and found the one that I like and it’s on sale.

Personally I don’t think this fitness band would motivate me much, but I think it could be great for the kids.  It monitors their activities, so they can easily see how much they are moving every day.  Both my kids are really active during soccer season, and really sedentary during the off season.  Now that my daughter is in high school, the off season lasts 9 months!!  I need something to motivate them to get moving.  And I really think this could work.  And if it does, I’d be willing to pay just about any amount of money!!

On the other hand, this is just the kind of thing I waste my money on and never use.  I have a $200 video and step from The Firm, I have a $100 Gazelle, and I have Zumba and Just Dance for my son’s xbox, and a bunch of yoga videos and DVDs.  We don’t use any of them!!


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