365 Challenge Day 201 – Not Buying It

1 Jan

As one of my New Year’s Resolutions, I’m challenging myself to not buy any non-essential items for three months.  This is inspired by Judith Levine’s book Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping.  I’m not ready to try for a whole year!!  But three months is a more realistic goal.

I’m doing this for several reasons.  For one thing, I’d like to spend less money.  For the first time in my life I make enough money that it doesn’t feel like a struggle.  I can pay my bills on time, and not stress out about unexpected expenses that come up.  But, I’ve been very careless with money.  Anytime the kids or I want something we just get it.  And even though I made HALF this much money ten years ago, I have more credit card debt now!!  And I really don’t like that my house is getting filled with all the crap we think we need.

My FIRST day of this resolution and I’m already feeling challenged!!  I already have a list of at least five things that I want to buy on April 1st!!

1)  I hate my  new yoga mat : (  I bought it last week (tried to sneak in that purchase before New Year’s!)  I legitimately needed a replacement for my 10 year old mat that’s starting to crumble.  I tried to find the same brand, but they don’t seem to make them anymore.  So I bought a cheap one online, $20. I like the thick kind so it pads the floor more, especially when I’m doing poses on my knees.  But this new one, even though it’s thick, just doesn’t feel cushy!  It’s so hard!!  Uncomfortable.  And I hate the color.  It’s a hot pink, neon hot pink.  It looks like toxic bubble gum.  It was much more muted in the picture!  Lesson learned, buy the next mat in person, and invest in a good one.  In April…

2) I want to replace the floor mats in my car.  I managed to wear a hole beneath my heal on the drivers side.  It’s a big one.  It went right through the mat and now there is a hole in carpet underneath the mat too!  I bought some cheap mats at the local auto store, but they don’t fit right.  I have to invest in original manufacturer mats which they only sell in sets of all four and cost over $100.  I’m not happy about this.  (When I looked for these online I also saw they sell these mesh barriers that you can put in back to keep everything from falling out when you open the hatchback.  I didn’t even know these existed!  But I’ve decided I need one!)

3) My kids both want those fitness bands that are all the rage right now.  Luckily they are so ridiculously expensive I’m not very tempted.  But I’m a sucker when it comes to things that I think will improve my kids’ lives.  And if this helps motivate them to be more active, I’ll totally go for it.  This brings up the question of it my Not Buying It is just for me, or extends to the kids.  If I can find cheap ones, I might get them.

4) Yesterday my son asked me for cargo pants, he wants two pairs, I said yes.

5) My kids both have futon mattresses that are 10 years old.  The cotton has packed down and their beds are hard as rocks!  My mom offered to help chip in for new mattresses.  But then when I talked about it with the kids they wanted whole new beds too!  They don’t care about the mattresses.  My mom and I might still decide to get these even though it’s a little anticlimactic for the kids.  And they really need new sheets too…

6) I really want more plants around the house.  Especially in my yoga nook which I want to use more, and is very sterile feeling, it needs some warmth.  Clearly this is not a necessity and can wait.  But this is just the kind of thing I’m used to splurging on as soon as I want it.

7) I ran out of bird food yesterday.  I love watching the birds come to the feeder, but the cost of the food does add up and since I’m trying spend less money I think I should wait on this one.

8) I ran out of pine nuts.  I was going to replace them because I am allowed to buy food during this challenge, but the price was outrageous!!  Normally I would have bought them anyway.  But since I’m trying to save money I decided to skip it for now and just use almonds (that I already have) instead.

That’s it for now.  Including the new beds for the kids I could have spent about $2000 today!!  But instead, I’ll just go to yoga class with my neon pink mat : )


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