365 Challenge Day 197 – Money

29 Dec

Okay.  I have issues.  My New Year’s resolution goal is going to be spending less money, and in preparation for this I seem to be going on a major spending spree.  Is this going to work?

Maybe this is too extreme.  Many years ago I read this book called Not Buying It, it was pretty awesome.  A couple decides to not buy ANYTHING non-essential for a year.  They basically just buy food and household items like toilet paper and soap.  The author paid off her credit card (which may have been around $8,000, but I read this a long time ago so could have that wrong.)  I thought one year would be pretty rough, but I thought I should be able to manage three months.  So my plan is not buy anything non-essential from January – March.

Meanwhile, in the last two days, I’ve spent hundreds!!  I just ordered a new yoga mat (mine is about 10 years old and starting to crumble, so this isn’t excessive.)  I ordered some herbal supplements I’m taking, hard to tell if these should be considered essential or not.  I spent about $100 on my pantry closet organizer.  I spent $20 on my new hangers.  Hmmm… not sure what else, I’m sure there’s more.

Anyway, I like the idea of this plan, of being ruthlessly frugal, at least temporarily, to create some better habits and save some money.  We’ll see!!


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