365 Challenge Day 196 – Organizing

29 Dec

Well, since I have not been very successful at the decluttering this week, I’ve decided to move into organizing the clutter instead.

I made two investments.

1) I finally broke down and bought the skinny velvet hangers that you see everywhere now.  I like them!!  I got rid of my fat plastic ones.  I think it does make a big difference having them take up less space in the closet.  And the non-slip feature of velvet is awesome.  My blouses were always slipping off and ending up on the floor.  No more!!  I thought when I re-hung everything that I would find stuff to get rid of, but no.  I guess I’m just in a hoarding mode this week!!  What’s up with that??  But I did move a bunch of summer stuff out for now and made more room (temporarily.)

2) I’m super excited about this one.  I decided to turn my kitchen closet into a pantry.  Since apparently I can’t stop myself from hoarding food, at least I can make more room for it and keep it organized.  This is normal, right?  I mean, most families who cook have a pantry if they can, right?  I bought an Elfa system from The Container Store for behind the closet door.  I’m a little disappointed that the larger baskets don’t fit because it’s a very narrow door.  But I’ll have to make do with the smaller baskets, and will have more room to store extra cans, cereals, oils, etc.  My kitchen is really tiny, so the extra storage will help.


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