365 Challenge 194 – Decluttering

27 Dec

I know it’s not New Year’s yet, but I’m inspired so I got an early start on my kitchen decluttering!

This is embarrassing, but this is what my freezer looked like at the start:


COMPLETELY packed.  One thing is I have a lot of things in there that most people don’t freeze, like rice and flour, because in the past I’ve had pantry moths.  I don’t think I have those moths anymore, so I took some of those things out.

I found a bunch of half-used bags of nuts, including FOUR bags of raw almonds.  I found at least four half -used bags of rice.  And at least eight ice packs, both the soft kind that you use for injuries (which I kept) and the hard kind that you use to keep your lunch cold (which I tossed.)

I moved a lot of the dried food into large mason jars, such as the brown rice, the cream of wheat.  I hope there isn’t any moisture inside or it’s going to get moldy, fast.  The outside of the bags sure were wet.

I realized I had more raw sunflowers then I will ever eat in this lifetime, so put a bags worth outside and made some squirrels very happy.

I cooked up an impromptu recipe for quinoa salad, using up some quinoa, raw almonds, pine nuts, red pepper, canned chickpeas, and olive oil.  My first attempt to use up some of my stored food. I also added craisins, carrots, scallions, and white balsamic vinegar which I bought for the dish.  It turned out delicious!!  AND I made extra to freeze (I feel so organized!)  For the portion that I ate I added fresh cucumber, tomato and avocado.  Yum : )  I’m really tempted to replace the pine nuts, but I’m going to try to hold off.



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