365 Challenge Day 193 – Decluttering?

26 Dec

As I mentioned yesterday, in the New Year I would really like to focus some energy and effort on spending less money, which means cooking more, and packing a lunch.  Part of this goal is going to mean using up some of the stuff that’s already in my kitchen, instead of always buying more and adding.  My son put it bluntly when he opened our freezer one day and said, Mom, we’re hoarders.

I’m actually not that bad, compared to many.  I have a very small kitchen which is probably for the best.  I don’t have a pantry, I don’t have a freezer in the basement, and I don’t have a double doored fridge (although I’d love one : )   I probably miss out on some deals by not being able to stock up on stuff when it’s on sale, but since I’m pretty disorganized I know if I had a basement freezer full of sale items they would probably stay there forever.

But I do have a bit of a stockpile.  Either I have some kind of a fear of famine, or my lack of organization just makes me buy two or three of everything so I won’t have to worry about having nothing to eat when I haven’t planned ahead.  I have bags of pasta buried at the back of the cabinet.  I have some dried food that I don’t really know what to do with (like purple “forbidden” rice, and adzuki beans) and I have a freezer so packed I don’t even know what’s in there.

I’d like to use this stuff up!!!  A sort of decluttering of the cabinets and fridge.

But here is my problem, I’m bad at this!!  I say I want to declutter the kitchen, but I simultaneously want to be better about using coupons and buying stuff on sale.  I realize these two goals are in opposition to each other!!  And here is another problem, I could have something laying around for two years and the minute I use it, decide it was good, I will go out and immediately buy it again!!  For example, I just cooked some steal cut oats, which I bought… a while ago.  I put in some raisins and apples, cinnamon, and topped it with some pecans that have been in freezer for so long I don’t even remember buying them.  It was delicious!!  Not only am I tempted to buy some more pecans, but I’m tempted to buy some new mason jars so I can easily pack up 5 portions of my oatmeal to bring to work everyday.  That could actually be a smart thing to do.  ARGH.  This is confusing.


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