365 Challenge Day 181 – a Yoga Marathon

7 Dec

Oh my God.  Today in our yoga teacher training we took THREE yoga classes.  7am. 9am. 4:30pm.  Mind you, this is power yoga.  This is hot yoga taught at 95 degrees, each class is 90 minutes.  That’s four and a half hours of yoga!!!! In one day!!  Not to mention we did a lot yoga in between because we were practicing the sequence we were learning, over and over and over…

Our teacher is so great though, he didn’t tell us to push ourselves and to suck it up and rally.  He told us to do whatever we needed to modify the practice so we could manage.  He made an excellent point that we should learn all the modifications because it will expand our repertoire of what we can offer as teachers.

Well, we all survived.  Those last 40 minutes of the third class were pretty rough.  I felt kind of bad for the teacher, there were probably 60 people in the class and 20 of us were completely exhausted!!  But she seemed fine with it.

I feel like I ran a marathon!!  (although I acknowledge this was WAY easier than running a marathon!)



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