365 Challenge Day 179 – Priorities

5 Dec

Well, I am really behind on my daily blogging.  Which, if you’ve signed up to receive my posts via emails, you’ve noticed because you’ve already received four today as I try to catch up!

On the one hand, I really do think that it is because of my blog that I have been able to finally stay so committed to prioritizing yoga.  Year after year I would say I wanted to prioritize it, and would get distracted.  This year the commitment has stuck!  I don’t think it’s a coincidence.  The added accountability and motivation of knowing people are following what I’m doing has made the difference.

On the other hand, now that I’m going to yoga several times a week, in addition to having a full-time job and being a mom, I’ve had trouble motivating to blog!!  I spend all day at work on the computer and haven’t wanted to spend more time at night!  This is a good thing!

But I do want to stick it out.  I want to do my year of blogging.  My 365 days of intentional living.  So bare with me as I catch up and spam your inbox!


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