365 Challenge Day 177 – Vanity

5 Dec

With all the yoga I’m doing I’m definitely growing stronger and seeing changes in my body.  Of course, being strong and fit is an important part of being healthy and taking care of our precious bodies!  But at what point does it switch from health to pure vanity?  I’ve been admiring my strong shoulders and biceps and this has nothing to do with health : ) And if it is pure vanity, is there anything wrong with that?  These are questions I’ve been exploring lately.  It’s very interesting!!!  My Buddhist background makes me very suspicious of something so “mundane” as a pursuit of physical beauty, and yet I’m living in a physical world where appearances do matter!!

All of this questioning really came to forefront today because I went on a huge shopping spree for new work clothes.  I don’t buy clothes very often. On any given day you will see me wearing items that are 5, 10, or even 15 years old!!  I have a few pieces from the 90s!!  But it had gotten to the point when a lot of my go-to pieces were disintegrating, and I was having trouble even getting dressed in the morning to go to work.

I had a 30% off coupon from Kohl’s and decided to take advantage.  I hate shopping so I went on my lunch hour and piled as many things as I thought I’d like into a cart and spent several hundred dollars without even trying anything on!  Actually, I did pretty well.  I got lots of nice pieces and even got a thumbs up from my daughter. Wow!

Well, I’m not going to win any minimalism awards this week, but at least I can get dressed in morning without a crisis!!


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