365 Challenge Day 175 – Plank fun

24 Nov

Who would have guessed doing plank could be so fun?

I work in a fairly corporate and professional environment, but there are a few folks around that know how to have fun.  Some of my co-workers in another unit are doing a 30 day plank challenge, starting at holding 20 seconds, and working towards a full five minutes!! (Personally I think this is overly optimistic for 30 days, but I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble.)

Well, I joined in the challenge, and at noon about 10 of us met up, found spots in between the cubicles, dropped onto our stomachs right on the carpet, and got into plank!!  Giggling the whole time!  Or, at least I was.  Some people seemed less amused.  I heard a voice whine behind me, “This sucks.” I thought it was hilarious.  I was really hoping the CFO or someone, anyone, would walk by but no such luck.  Next time!!

This was the motivational email that was sent out for us : )

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