365 Challenge Day 174 – Friends and Family

24 Nov

Today was my mom’s 70th birthday party!  I can’t believe she’s 70!!  In some ways her age is showing, she has some hearing loss and last year hurt her hip and started walking with a cane.  So her mobility is pretty bad.  You wouldn’t guess she used to be a yoga teacher!  But in other ways she seems so young and vibrant!  She is extremely active.  She recently joined a gym and got a personal trainer!  Her skin is clear and healthy.  She’s still working part-time, still gardening, still visiting with various friends almost every night of the week.  And driving out two hours many weekends to visit my sister and her kids.  AND, planning a trip to Hawaii where she used to live more than 40 years ago!!

It was a beautiful party.  There were friends there who have known her 10, 20, and even 30 years and more.  People kept coming up to me and telling me what a great friend my mom was to them.  It was so sweet.  My sister came with her husband and two kids (this was especially impressive because they drive a 100% electric car which they had to stop and recharge halfway.)  My kids were there to celebrate with their “Nannie”.

My childhood definitely had it’s ups and downs with divorce and financial hardships, but I feel very grateful to have such a loving family.  Blessed.





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