365 Challenge Day 172 – Sangha

23 Nov

Sangha is spiritual community.  I’ve had some trouble finding one true sangha as the place I’ve practiced meditation over the years is not very community oriented.  But yet, I’ve managed to find my mini sanghas throughout the community.  Pockets of like-minded friends that I truly enjoy and the feel like partners along this spiritual path.

Tonight I met with my “Mamas Sangha”.  We’re a group of moms that met at the family retreat (which has now been cancelled forever) and have determined to stay in touch.  There are probably about 10 of us, spread among different towns and even a couple of other states.  Tonight only four of us got together, but it was really wonderful.  We span a range of ages, forties, fifties, and even seventies!  We sat together for only about 15 minutes, but mostly we enjoyed each others’ company, talked about our kids, and even talked about dating as all of had been single moms at one point or another.  I really appreciate how the focus of this group feels more “real” as opposed to theoretical or intellectual.  That’s what being a mom is all about.  We have to keep it real!


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