365 Challenge Day 168 – Coffee

15 Nov

Darn it.  I’m so addicted.  As I mentioned before my skin has been really irritated lately.  I can’t tell if it’s something internal, external, or both.  I found a list of things that can irritate the skin and coffee/caffeine was top of the list.  I went cold turkey and switched to green tea.  I lasted four days : (

I was fine when I was work, I didn’t mind feeling a little lethargic working on the computer all day.  Even made it to yoga class feeling mellow.  But cleaning, that’s another story!  It was the thought of having to clean my whole house over the weekend that did me in.  I needed that jolt!!  It also helped when I went running yesterday…

If I knew it was the coffee, I’d be more motivated.  But it’s harder to motivate on a guess.


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