365 Challenge Day 167 – Running

15 Nov

It was a brisk and sunny day in New England.  My friend asked to meet me for a walk around the pond which was perfect, that’s what I wanted to do too!!  But I brought my running gear, and even though I was up until 3am at a concert, I went for a 2.5 mile run after our 2.5 mile walk!!

Today was a reminder that having the right gear can be so important.  The sports bras that I have are really cheap, and really old, I mean probably less than $15 and decades old.  When I would go running, or even go to Zumba, I would wear two of them, AND a leotard on top, to hold everything in.  And I’d still be sore afterward.  Well, today I finally invested in a good running bra.  Oh. My. God.  What a difference!!!  It was almost $60, which was really hard for me accept.  But I never knew running could be so comfortable!!!

Also got a lot of cleaning and organizing done this weekend.  I was so behind after spending all last weekend at the yoga teacher training.  So I had about two weeks worth of laundry and clutter to deal with!!  Didn’t make it to yoga today, but it was a good day!  Very satisfying!


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