365 Challenge Day 166 – Serendipity

15 Nov

When I was at dinner with my friends last night, they started talking about this Old School concert, with 10 different artists that had hip hop, rap, and freestyle hits in the 70s and 80s.  We were all saying how awesome it sounded, but the tickets were $80.  Yikes.  Then my friends’ friend looked up from her phone and said, “Huh? Oh. You guys want to go to the Old School show?”  And she pulled six tickets out of her purse!!  There were six of us at the table!!  SCORE!!  She is a DJ and her station had given her the tickets.  She was excited to have some people to go with.  Win win!!  That was Serendipity Part 1.

So tonight was the show.  I said I’d drive (because I have the soccer mom car : )  I stopped at the gas station first before heading to my friend’s house, and my battery died!!!  I tried to start my car again, and it wouldn’t start!!  My friends were waiting for me and we had a two hour drive ahead of us to get there.  Okay.  I know that sounds like bad luck.  But here is how I see it: What better place to have your battery die than AT THE GAS STATION??  They were able to test the car to make sure that’s what the problem was, jump the battery to move it inside the shop, replace the battery, then drive it back out and fill it with gas!! And I was on my way!  I could have been on the highway, I could have been in a different state at midnight ready to head home with a car full of people when the concert was over!  I think it was perfectly good luck, I thanked my guardian angels.  Serendipity Part 2!

(BTW- still went to yoga in the morning even though I knew I’d have a late night!!)


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