365 Challenge Day 164 – Skin

14 Nov

I would have thought that all the hot yoga and sweating I’ve been doing would be great for my skin, as a detox, a cleanse.  But I seem to be experiencing the exact opposite!  My skin has been terrible.  My complexion has been reddish, and the skin of my face seems sensitive and irritated.  At first I had assumed it was a food allergy or sensitivity, but then at some point realized it could be a reaction to the extreme temperatures of hot yoga, and irritation from the sweat (and rubbing off the sweat.)  It’s still a mystery, is the irritation coming from something internal, external, or both?

About a year ago when I was visiting my sister, my brother-in-law told me about how he was using various oils, internally and externally, for all sorts of health issues.  Apparently he cured his dry skin, eczema, allergies, bleeding gums, and more.  My sister also agreed that his hair and skin seemed the healthiest since they’ve known each other (more than 15 years!) I was very inspired and bought some supplements that he recommended, but didn’t end up taking them.  I seem to have a phobia of taking any kind of supplements, I’m afraid that in that concentrated form they’ll end up being carcinogenic or something!  Okay, maybe a little irrational…

Well, now I’m motivated!  I bought a bunch of oils.  I’m taking Black Seed Oil, and Black Current Seed Oil, both of which are high in GLAs and supposed to be great for skin.  I also bought Black Castor Oil, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Rosehips Seed Oil, and Rosemary extract, which I am using externally in various combos.  The Rosemary and Castor Oil are supposed to be really great for hair growth.  We’ll see how it goes!!  And we’ll see if I’m able to keep it up!



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