365 Challenge Day 163 – Running

10 Nov

I ran at work during my lunch hour.  Now that I’ve ended my daily yoga challenge I’m enjoying having days where I do something else instead.  There is a really nice path along a river outside of my office.  It’s short, but nice.  It’s probably on one mile, so I make a couple of trips back and forth.  There is even a family of swans I’ve been watching grow up since the baby swans (swanlings?) were tiny!


It felt so awesome to use my lunch hour to go running!!  Since I can only run for about 20 or 25 minutes, and it kicks my butt, it’s the perfect exercise to do when I only have one hour to change, stretch and workout.  Even though there is a nice fitness room at the office I do like being outside better than in the gym.  I mean, look at those swans!!

Of course, this coincided with the day I decided to give up coffee again to see if it would help my skin clear up.  Grrrr…  I drank LOTS of green tea.  And I survived.  I’m also on a kitchari cleanse again.

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