365 Challenge Day 160 – YOGA

9 Nov

Another day of yoga teacher training.  We started off the day by taking two 90-minute classes in a row!  That’s 3 hours of yoga first thing in the morning in a 95 degree room!  But they took it pretty easy on us, so it wasn’t as hardcore as it sounds.

The 9am class was so powerful.  All of the teacher training students were there, that’s about 20 of us, plus the regular 9am students, so maybe another 25, but then, I don’t know where the rest of them came from!!!  There were 89 students that showed up for class!!  Every. Single. Spot.  The teacher is very popular (apparently) and had been out for a while, so maybe people were there for her.  Also, I think a lot of people came because they knew the class was going to be geared towards the teacher training and they wanted to participate.  Anyway, it was amazing.  Imagine being in a room with 90 people doing yoga! The mats were staggered with about 2 inches in between them.  There was such an excitement in the room!

Well, after the two classes we had the place to ourselves for the training.  And they threw us right into the deep end of teaching!!  The day before we had practiced saying a sequence out loud, but all together as a group, and the sequence was written on a cheat sheet on the wall.  Well, today, they gave us a new sequence which we read together a few times, then they took down the sheet, said, Ok, you’ve got it, and called my name to lead us all through the routine.  I was terrified!!!  But, it was such a supportive group of people.  The teachers said that everyone would just go through the sequence and if I forgot what was next I could look up see what they were doing.  And I did it!  It was nerve wracking though, I have to admit.  I’m glad I went first though, because then I could just go through the sequence 19 more times without having to worry about them calling on me!!

Our homework is to practice the two sequences that we learned.  To do them, and say them out loud as we do them, so we will embody them, and remember them in a very physical way.  I love it.



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