365 Challenge Day 159 – YOGA

9 Nov

Today was my first full day of yoga teacher training!  We started last night but just for a couple of hours as an intro.  It was a long and wonderful day.  One of the teachers is a nurse, and a mom, so she is completely un-squeamish about the anatomy, and gets right into it.  We spent a lot of time feeling into our bodies, find out pelvis bone, feeling how things move inside in different postures.  She had me cracking up when we were all in forward fold feeling for our sit bones (basically, we were all massaging our butts.) I heard her say “Don’t mind me” and I looked up to see her leaning over towards a woman’s rear end and helping her find her sit bones.  She was hilarious.  I love when people are just open and confident and unembarrassed.  She’d say “I’m a nurse, so I can things like this” and then go on to explain how for women to lock into the bandhas we’d squeeze into the vaginal walls and up to the cervix.  I wonder if the young 20-something year olds found it embarrassing?  I thought it was great.

Of course, I thought I already had a pretty good understanding of anatomy and my body, but it was really interesting to bring it to a very subtle level and feel how different joints move, and how different muscles engage together.  I started to get a feeling for how all the movements originate from the core, I could really feel it.  I’m so excited about this part of the training!!

The other teacher has a background in the theatre.  Which is just the perfect combination for a yoga teacher training!!  He had us doing lots of exercises that had to do with speaking in a more powerful way, and getting into our bodies as practiced saying the poses.  So it was funny, because most of the exercises we did had more to do with theatre than with yoga.

I love both the teachers.  And the students all seem great too.  There is definitely a mix of ages, which is a relief for me because I’m 43 and was worried I’d be the only one over 25! There are about 17 women, and only 3 men, so, not a good mix gender wise, but no surprise there!


2 Responses to “365 Challenge Day 159 – YOGA”

  1. brandieflow November 12, 2014 at 5:06 pm #

    Thank you for sharing! I am starting my treacher training in January and I love that you are sharing your experiences!

    • truebodymindsoul November 14, 2014 at 7:45 pm #

      That’s great! Best of luck to you in your training! Hope it goes well. Even though I’m not sure if I’ll teach or not, I’m still very excited to be doing it and know I won’t have any regrets.

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