365 Challenge Day 157 – Quality Time

4 Nov

The day before Halloween (I’m a few days behind on my posts!) I skipped yoga, didn’t make any outside plans, and just spent the evening hanging with the kids getting them ready with their costumes.  My daughter decided to make her costume from scratch, and that was pretty fun.  It was mostly fun for me because she took the lead, and I could just cut the fabric and follow her directions.  It’s pretty rare these days that my daughter will spend hours hanging out with me, so I appreciated the opportunity. During this we discovered that we both love Indonesia and quickly grabbed my son to convince him that someday we should take a family vacation there : )  It was good that I was there to keep her from panicking when some of the plans didn’t work out and we had to brainstorm for last minute changes.  When the costume turned out absolutely amazing my daughter told me I was “the best Mom in the world.”  Wow.


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