365 Challenge Day 154 – Order

27 Oct

I went to gym at my office, which was great.  In the beginning of the year I was in a really good habit of going regularly.  Then between travel out of the country, walking outside in the summer, and then daily yoga kicking my butt, I got completely out of the habit for several months now.  Felt strange to be pushing on machines again after just doing yoga for so long.  But if I keep it up it will be nice to see some results!

No yoga today.

I think I’m becoming a neater person.  I’ve always been a little messy.  I have too much stuff, I keep myself really busy, and I procrastinate on cleaning.  But lately I’ve been getting better.  I’ve been making my bed every day!!  I’ve never done that in my life!!  When my bed was in the corner I didn’t really care if it was unmade, it was out of the way.  But now that my bed is in the middle of the room (to make a spot for my yoga nook) it really bothers me if it’s unmade, and it makes me feel so happy to see it made when I come home!!  And seriously, it takes less than 2 minutes, it’s not like I’m tucking in sheets or anything fancy.


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