365 Challenge Day 135 – Revolution

3 Oct

40 Days to Personal Revolution Day 25
Yoga: 90 minutes of hot yoga. Class felt really good except that my right hamstring got so tight! Not sure if it’s cramping up or what. I was in class with a friend of mine.  He is a yoga teacher and in amazing shape.  His mat was right next to mine and I couldn’t help admire how strong he was!!  He made the poses look so effortless.  In warrior two his thigh was completely parallel to the floor.  In side plank he easy raised his top leg and seemed solid in his balance.  It was inspiring.  Made me realize even though I’ve been going consistently I haven’t really been focusing on getting stronger for a while.
Food: my first cheat since I started being vegan again. I cooked some fish for my son and I was really hungry, so I ended up having a piece. Have to admit it was good.


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