365 Challenge Day 133 – Revolution

30 Sep

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 23 –
40 minutes of yoga at home, focusing on releasing pressure and tension in my lower back. It was late before I could get started, almost 10pm, and I felt a little sense of dread, but of course I was really glad I did it and my back feels a lot better.

On another topic, I went into my bathroom tonight and it smelled funky!  (Not the good kind of funky.)  I looked around and noticed I had dumped my yoga stuff on the floor yesterday after class.  Up until now I’ve been really good at doing laundry every single day.  Well, even though it had only been 24 hours, the stuff stank!  I put it all in the laundry with an extra long cycle, hot water, two capfuls of laundry detergent, and a box of baking soda.  Wish me luck!!  Hope it comes out smelling normal!!

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