365 Challenge Day 122 – Revolution

19 Sep

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 12
Yoga: My body is starting to seriously rebel against this daily yoga! I’m having issues… The tightness in my hamstrings and gluts is manageable (although annoying, and surprising!) and all the barefoot standing poses has really been straining my arches, but the real problem is in my hands/wrists. I can’t seem to do the vinyasa flow and arm balances with flat palms because my wrists were getting too sore. So I switched to doing the planks and flow on my knuckles. My knuckles have been getting calloused and roughed up, even with gloves on, to the point that the dry skin has started to crack and hurt! (Even though I’m using this lotion with acid to reduce the callouses.) So, I started to do the flow on my palms, but with my wrists lifted so the weight is on the ball of my hands and my fingers. My fingers had been sore, but fine, even though I joked I felt like I had arthritis. Well, this morning I woke up and couldn’t even straighten my hand open!! It was cramped with my fingers bent. All day I’ve been trying to stretch it out and loosen up the fingers. It’s better, but so tight and so sore!! I think I’ll be back to knuckles for a few days, at least that is just surface and heals easily!
So I guess I need a bit of a rest. I couldn’t make it to class today anyway, so I did 40 minutes of gentle stretches at home. It felt good, but it was late and I was tired and I have to admit I was just trying to get through it!

Okay, will meditate for a few minutes and then drift off to sleep!!


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