365 Challenge Day 119 – Revolution

17 Sep

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 9
Yoga: Basics class at my studio. It was a slow class but that was nice for a change and I really focused on the ujjiyi breath, drishti, mula bandha and uddiyana bandha. Very interesting! When I really locked into the bandhas, which I was able to do on and off for the whole class, I could feel a stability and strength throughout my whole body. BUT, I also felt a rigidity, and a lack of flow. So, I think (not that I know much about this!) that I should keep the stability and strength, but bring back the flow and the relaxation. I’ll get there!

Meditation: Will do it later tonight.

Food: Cooked some yummy Indian food, at my daughter’s request! I made red lentil dahl (which turned out really good!) and she made cauliflower with potatoes. We bought naan (for her.)

Clutter: Not only did I *not* get rid of anything today, but I bought so many groceries that my kitchen is exploding. It’s all good stuff. Now the challenge is to use it all up!!


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