365 Challenge Day 118 – Revolution

15 Sep

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 8

Yoga- 90 minute morning hot yoga class.  I’m starting to make friends with some of the people who I see often, which is really nice. It was SO COLD. I broke out the fleece, including a hat, but some people had down, true sign of a hot yogi, no joke!
Meditation – will do some before bed, might not get to 20 minutes though.
Food – Did some menu planning for this week!! So exciting. Bought a ton of groceries, even went to Market Basket (with about 1,000 other people.)

Decluttering – the big bag of clothes that was in my hall, then in my car, has finally been dropped off in a donation bin! Hurray!!

It was a beautiful sunny day and I went for a walk around Fresh Pond. I haven’t been walking as much since I started doing the daily yoga, it felt really great.


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