365 Challenge Day 117 – Revolution

14 Sep

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 7

End of week one! Actually, because I was so eager and couldn’t wait for this group to start, this is now FOUR weeks of daily yoga for me, mostly at the studio, which has been truly amazing. Although I’ve been active over the last 10 years, I haven’t done any consistent strength training, so I’m really feeling a difference in my body, feeling stronger. The one area that still feels weak is my core. So my goal going forward is to make sure I really focus on engaging the bandhas in my practice, and on doing more core strengthening.

YOGA: 90 minute class at Baptiste. It was a good class, but my arches have started to feel really tight and sore. I’m not used to spending this much time exercising barefoot, and it has been a real strain on my poor feet! I skipped some of the balancing poses today (airplane and eagle.) They feel better already, I think my feet just need a little break.

MEDITATION: Did 20 minutes

FOOD: Cooked some Haitian rice with black beans, plantains, and sauteed vegetables. YUM, even my daughter liked the beans and rice Also bought some ingredients to make Indian food (not sure what yet, though.)

DECLUTTERING: I did a lot today. But I’m feeling slightly disgusted with the amount of crap in my house. It’s a slow process to go through it all. I went through some baskets and got rid of a bunch of little things like old buttons, old game pieces for games we don’t even own anymore, and crap like that. I also cleaned out the fridge, that was more satisfying : )


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