365 Challenge Day 116 – Revolution

13 Sep

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 6
YOGA: Back at my studio! Thank goodness! I really missed it there when I was in DC. I missed the heat, the teachers, the flow, the emphasis on drishti, ujjiyi and the bandhas, I missed it all! It’s good to be home! Can’t wait to go again tomorrow!
MEDITATION: Will try to do 20 minutes before I sleep, which will be soon, I’m beat!
FOOD: I went to a Kirtan tonight at some friends’ house, it was really nice. They cooked up a big batch of kitchari, YUM! It may have had some ghee, so probably not 100% vegan, but it was a chance I was willing to take : ) I’m going to try to cook some this weekend, so I’ll have it to eat all week!

JOURNALING: Probably not tonight, maybe this weekend.

DECLUTTERING: I took a huge garbage bag of clothes and stuff out of my house today, BUT, it’s still in my car, so I still can’t count it, but I’m making progress! I also found about 10 bottles of expired sunblock in a box in my daughter’s room, so I threw them all away. This was a little upsetting because it was probably about $100 worth of sunblock! But some of it looked like it could easily be a decade old. Have no idea how it ended up there!


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