365 Challenge Day 109 – Essentials

6 Sep

One thing that I love about yoga, is that the only thing really required to do it, is our body.  Period.  There are a few things we can add to make things a little more comfortable, like stretchy clothes and a sticky mat, but more than that starts to be too much!  I recently saw a yoga mat that had built in speakers and a plug for an MP3 player… seriously?  I would be very curious to know if even one person bought that!  How cumbersome!

Although hot yoga does add a couple of “essential” items to the list, like a water bottle, and a towel, for me it also makes the point much more obvious that what we need is so minimal.  It’s so freakin’ hot and sweaty, that I feel bad for people who are wearing any amount of jewelry! Heavy make-up would probably have disastrous effects.  I occasionally see a person wearing a sports watch, and wonder how it doesn’t bother them.  And I especially feel that long hair would be such a burden!  Although I’m sure there aren’t that many people out there who would cut all their hair off just to be more comfortable in yoga : )

Now, if I can just bring this desire to pare down to the bare essentials to rest of my life!!


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