365 Challenge Day 108 – Vegan

6 Sep

I am still doing my daily yoga, and had a great class today.  But it’s been a while since I’ve posted about other things.

It’s been several weeks now since my daughter and I have been eating vegan (again, for me.)  And it’s going great!!  I guess I’ve been slightly tempted by fish and seafood, but not nearly as much as I would have thought, and for the most part I just don’t think about it.  My daughter is having a bit of a harder time with it, but I’ve been impressed she’s done this well for this long.  She looked me in the eye the other night, nose to nose, and said “I NEED CHEESE TO SURVIVE!!!”, but when I said, Well, then just have some, she dug in and said, No!  I must resist!  She made herself a veggie burger (which she really wanted to put cheese on) and instead put some vegan mayo on.  She said it was really good!

This weekend I MUST do some menu planning.  Otherwise I’ll go broke!!  Too many last minute trips to Whole Foods to pick up ready made meals, and too expensive.

I made some massaman curry in my crock pot, which was supposed to be for my daughter.  It had a TON of veggies, and turned out pretty good for a first try!  But it didn’t meet her expectations, so now I’m stuck eating the whole thing!  And with white rice! (Usually I prefer brown.)

I did tell my son I’d cook him some chicken though.  Poor guy is in a vegan household, but is a natural born carnivore!

Here is an interesting Vegan update:  Dunkin Donuts is now serving Almond Milk!!!  Wonders never cease!


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