365 Challenge Day 104 – Not Knowing

31 Aug

Today I really did not feel my best.  My energy was okay, I did a lot of cleaning, but my stomach was off and I felt nauseous.  I put off going to yoga until the last class of the day, hoping I would feel better, which I didn’t.  I went anyway, thinking I was on such a roll, I didn’t want to stop!  But as I was driving to class I thought to myself, Right now would be a perfect time to go for a walk instead.  It was so gorgeous out and I had spent the whole day inside. I thought to myself, Today could be a day I actually regret going to yoga.  I got there and wanted to set up my mat in a corner where no one would notice if I was doing everything at 50%, or just laying there.  But, I ended up in my usual, favorite spot. 

And, you just never know.  I was sure I was going to have a mediocre class, and I ended up having one of the best classes I’ve ever had in terms of focus and strength (I don’t really like judge classes that way, I figure they are all good as long as I show up, but this one was particularly satisfying!)  My stomach still felt funny, although I hardly noticed it towards the end of class.

I did the entire class, I did my advanced variation in side plank, I did bird of paradise, I did back bending on my forearms, and I had the best scorpion pose of my life so far!!  I didn’t fall out of it at all!  I just held and held it, even after the teacher told us to come out of the arm balance we had chosen, I could have kept going but didn’t want to totally ignore the teacher so I came down. It was great!!

It’s good to give things a chance, and not assume we know how things will go. But the moral of story isn’t to power through and go to yoga no matter what even when feeling crappy.  I think the moral is to trust your intuition, and do what feels best.  There will be days when I need to miss because I’m not feeling well, but today, something in me knew to show up and try, and I totally surprised myself. 


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