365 Challenge Day 103 – Trust

30 Aug

I babysat last night, and my little four-year-old munchkin got me up at 6am.  I was dragging all day!  I felt exhausted, and would have probably taken any excuse not to got to yoga class today, but I really didn’t have any.  The only alternative would have been to stay home with my teenage daughter who was in quite a mood!

So, I used two tricks to convince myself to go to class, first, I told myself that even if all I did was lay in child’s pose the entire class, fine, at least I would have gone! and second, I reminded myself how the last time I felt like crap and went anyway, that I had a great class!  I trusted that I’d be happier having gone than not.  And guess what!  I had another great class!  It was really totally fine.  Once I got there my energy felt normal.  I didn’t feel as strong as I have lately, so I felt a little wobbly going through vinyasa flow, but I still worked hard.

I like my new yoga clothes!!  I don’t know how I survived in hot yoga with what I used to wear!!  Would you believe I used to go with full length cotton yoga pants, a leotard, and a t-shirt?  I guess I just took the discomfort of having so many sopping wet layers on as part of the experience!  I’m glad I bought new stuff, a good investment.

Here is something strange, my hamstrings felt SO TIGHT today!! Why??  I’ve never had tight hamstrings in my life!!  I have now done yoga every day for the past two weeks, shouldn’t I be feeling looser and not tighter?!?  I’m hoping this is just a fluke.  I’m guessing it’s from the strengthening I’ve been doing.  I want to gain strength, but I don’t want to lose flexibility while doing it!!


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