365 Challenge Day 102 – Time

28 Aug

I had trouble fitting in a full practice yesterday, and knew I was going to have another hectic day today, so I took an opportunity in the morning and managed to fit in a full hour. I’m really glad I was able to do it! It was a good practice!

I went through a full vinyasa flow routine, but at a bit of a slower pace. It felt full and luxurious to be able to take my time getting from one pose to the next, and holding poses longer, for more breaths. I didn’t do the jump backs, I just stepped. I just barely broke a sweat. I really enjoyed it! And in addition to setting my own pace, I’ve realized another one of the advantages of a home practice is being able to try things I’d be too nervous to try for the first time in a class. I tried one advanced modification that I had been afraid to try in class: I lifted my leg straight up, holding my toe, while in side plank. It went well, so now I can start doing that in class! And I did my two new favorite poses, baby crow and wheel on forearms : ) And I practiced scorpion, of course. Overall, a really good practice!

In other exciting news, my new yoga clothes arrived today!! The tops all fit perfectly! The pants are a bit on the snug side, maybe that’s how they are supposed to fit… If I gain back any of the 10 pounds I’ve lost over the last few months I’ll be in trouble!!


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