365 Challenge Day 101 – Adaptation

28 Aug

Okay, my yoga practice was pretty mediocre today…

I spent the whole day with five kids, including my friends’ four-year-old who I was babysitting. After he went to sleep, and after I cleaned the kitchen, I was pretty tired but I set the timer for 30 minutes. I was pretty focused on my breath and postures, but then just within those 30 minutes was interrupted by a phone call, texts about tomorrow plans, and texts about Saturdays plans. (I responded to all of them, in the middle of my session!)

Well, that’s the reality. Tomorrow will likely be the same. Sometimes the kids take priority and we did have a really nice day together. When I came up to my bed I did a few more poses to round out my interrupted practice!

But here is the good news: I’ve discovered two new poses that I’m so excited about! I did them both tonight. Two poses that I have avoided and missed a lot because of wrist pain are wheel and crow. I discovered that you can do both of these poses on your forearms!! And crow on your forearms is called “baby crow”. How cute is that?? Wheel on forearms feels really great, I love it.




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