365 Challenge Day 99 – Autonomy

26 Aug

I’m at a cabin by the lake with friends and family. It’s gorgeous! The weather is perfect.

I won’t be able to make it to yoga class for a few days, so I’m on my own to practice. I set up on the screened in porch, which was the perfect place to practice, looking at the trees. I set the timer for 75 minutes, and attempted to do the routine of a full class. I did just about everything I could think of (although I did skip eagle pose.) I even practiced bird of paradise, which I’m a little shy to do in class. But when I finished savasana I was surprised to still see 15 minutes left on the timer!! I can’t believe it was only an hour!

It was a good practice though. I challenged myself in a way I rarely do on my own. I broke a really good sweat, so I know I was working hard! It was nice to move at my own pace, to my own breath count. And it forced me to stay present in a way I don’t have to when I’m being prompted by someone else. It’s good to know I can do the practice on my own if I need to, but I still do better in class : )



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