365 Challenge Day 100 – Challenge

26 Aug

I’m 100 days into my 365 Day Challenge!!! I feel like I should celebrate!!

What’s even more exciting, is I’m about to start another challenge. A challenge within a challenge! I bought Baron Baptiste’s book, 40 Days to Personal Revolution, and will start the program on September 7th. I have several friends who will be doing it with me.

I was too eager to wait, so I’ve already started with the daily yoga! But the program will also involve daily sitting meditation, journaling, and healthy eating. There is not much I could do to eat any healthier, but I expect the daily yoga and daily sitting to be truly transformative! Not sure what the journaling will be like! I feel so focused and so ready to do this!! I feel completely okay with putting other things in my life on hold to focus on something that will feel SO GOOD!! I’m so excited.

I feel like I’m living a dream. This is something I have wanted to prioritize in my life for so long but have had trouble making it happen. When the kids were younger it just didn’t seem possible. Now is the time!! I’m ready!


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