365 Challenge Day 97 – Persistence

25 Aug

I woke up this morning still feeling exhausted.  When I was brewing my third cup of coffee (yikes) I realized something.  It’s late August, ragweed season, and I’m allergic to ragweed.  This allergy always throws me because I don’t get normal symptoms like sneezing or itchy eyes, I just feel crappy, like I have the flu.  It took me many years to realize this.  One year I thought I had contracted whooping cough from my friend’s daughter because I had been exposed.  One year I thought I was developing chronic fatigue syndrome!  Last year I spent almost all of August in Madagascar so I kind of forgot what this feels like.  Anyway, I checked the pollen count and sure enough it’s really high right now.  I took some allergy medicine, which hopefully should help!

Even though I wasn’t feeling up to it at all, I forced myself to go to yoga class.  I thought, worse case scenario, I’ll spend the whole class in child’s pose, but at least I’ll have gone.  Well, I’m so glad I persisted, I did fine!!  Once I got there, and started going through the poses, I actually felt great.  I think I must be acclimating to the heat, I kept thinking the teacher had barely turned the heat on but I sure was sweating and when I looked at the thermostat at the end of class, it was at 97 degrees.  It made me wonder what would have happened if I had forced myself to go to class yesterday, but it was probably good for me to take a break if I felt I needed one.  My shoulder had started to feel really sore, and today it’s feeling a lot better.  Same with my arches.  Rest can be good.

I”m going to be away for the next few days, so I’ll have to continue to practice yoga on my own.  I’ll miss going to class!


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