365 Challenge Day 96 – Rest

24 Aug

I’m exhausted!  The class I took yesterday totally kicked my butt.  It was intense, even for power yoga, which is already intense!  The studio was hotter than usual, the pace was faster than usual, and we did a lot more vinyasa flows.  It felt great at the time, like a really nice challenge, but man, I’m paying the price today.  I slept through the 7am and 9am classes, couldn’t motivate for the 11am class, and had fully intended to go to the 4:30 class, the last class of the day, but when the time came, I just couldn’t get off the couch!! This exhaustion could also be the cumulative effect of 8 days in a row of yoga, in fact, I’m surprised it didn’t hit sooner!

It’s a beautiful, sunny 78 degree day so I went for a walk around the pond instead. I miss my walks since I’ve been focusing on yoga instead.  It felt great to be outside, but I was really dragging.  My body felt so heavy and sluggish, and I moved at a slow pace.  My arches are really sore from all those standing balancing poses in bare feet.  I’m icing them now.  My arches always cramp up when we go through long standing sequences on one foot, like hand to toe pose, then reverse hand to toe, then airplane, then half moon!!  Yesterday the teacher did one I had never tried, airplane legs with crow arms, damn, that is my new nemesis pose.  I may need to buy some fabric arch supports to wear in class.

Oh, speaking of buying stuff…  I spent $200 on yoga clothes last night : )  I ordered three capri pants, and three tank tops.  yup, that’s $200 worth of stuff, and they were all about half price!!  Ridiculous.  But they were all fabric that is supposed to wick away sweat.  I have a huge mental block against wearing polyester in a $95 degree room, which is why I’ve been using the sopping wet cotton.  I don’t have any experience with fancy polyester, I only know about cheap polyester that makes you sweat and smell even when it’s perfectly cool out!!  So, I’m hoping I won’t regret it.  If the clothes fit right and do what they’re supposed to do I know I’ll get my money’s worth.  I’m actually excited!!

But I’m doing so well with my daily yoga I’m not going to give up today.  Even though I didn’t make it to class, I will do 40 minutes of gentle yoga and some inversions.  Need to practice my scorpion pose!!


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