365 Challenge Day 95 – Gear

24 Aug

Eighth day of daily yoga.  Feels like longer!  Probably because that’s more classes than I usually take in a couple of months!  It’s going well.  I managed to fit a class in even though I stayed up very late (watching dance movies with my daughter : )  And slept through the morning options.  I went to a friend’s BBQ 40 minutes away.  I was on the early side and people were just starting to show up when I had to chose between hanging out longer, or rushing out to catch the last class of the day.  I decided to go.  I said a quick goodbye and made it to class just in time.  I think it was the right choice.  If I had wanted to stay, I would have, and done a practice at home.  But I enjoy going to class so much more than practicing at home, so that was my motivation.

I’m feeling like I want a day of rest tomorrow, but it’s late and I’m tired.  I’m hoping once I get a good night’s sleep I’ll feel motivated again tomorrow!

Here is the thing, now that I’ve been going everyday, I’m thinking I may have to invest in some better yoga clothes.  But I’m resistant.   One of the things I have always loved about yoga is the simplicity of it.  All it really requires is your body.  When my parents did yoga in the 70s they didn’t even have sticky mats.  For a long time I resisted even using blocks or any props, although now I love them : )  I have a pretty good mat, that is nice and thick, and I have a sticky towel for over the mat that I find essential for hot yoga, but that’s about it.  I don’t have any fancy yoga clothes.  I have some cotton yoga pants from Old Navy that I cut into capris.  I have a couple of cotton sports bras.  I have a couple of cotton leotards (yes, leotards) that I wear so my belly doesn’t show when my t-shirt rides up when I’m upside down.  I’m used to the feeling of soaking wet cotton against my skin when I do hot yoga, it’s just part of the experience for me!!  Plus, I guess I don’t drip as much sweat because it’s mostly getting absorbed.

I did already buy some headbands.  My hair is too short to pull back, but long enough to hang into my face and I spent one entire class planning to shave it off.  But I bought some headbands instead, and that has made a huge difference!!  My friend told me that having fabric that wicks away the sweat will make a big difference, and I’ll feel a lot more comfortable.  In any case I wouldn’t mind having more options to chose from because I’ve been wearing the same thing every single day and doing laundry every single day.  If I knew exactly what to buy, I’d get it, but my main concern is I’ll spend $100 on pants and a tank top and hate them. Today was a bit chilly and I started think, I really need a nice hat, and a hooded sweatshirt, to put on when I come outside with sweaty hair…  This is a very slippery slope!  I could easily spend $300 gearing up!!


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